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Welcome to the Anti-Corruption Chamber of the Federal Public Service

The 5th Chamber of Coordination and Review is assigned the attribution of promoting the institutional unity in the combat of corruption. The Anti-Corruption Chamber performs this task by coordinating the Units of Combat of Corruption and also by reviewing the cases related to administrative misconduct and to corruption crimes.

Coordination and integration

The 5th Chamber promotes the integration and coordination of the institutional bodies that act on offices related to the sectors of their jurisdiction, sending them technical-juridical information, observing the principle of the functional independence.

The Chamber mentors the Federal prosecutors by a number of means, among which the expedition of orientations. The most recent ones are related to leniency agreement and collaboration agreement signed with the Federal Prosecution Service.

Furthermore, when a certain question transcends the local sphere, the Chamber is responsible for disseminating the theme to the others Federal prosecutors, promoting, thus, coordinated actions at a specific theme.

Matters which evoke closer examination can count with the assistance of Working Groups, created and supported by the Chamber.

The integration, in the scope of the Federal Public Service, means a coherent and harmonic work among the institutional bodies that act on different judicial instances. It is the Chamber's attribution to, preserving autonomy and the functional independence, work to obtain a coherent action of the Federal Public Service from the first to the final judicial instance. Discussion of relevant topics in workshops and seminars; incentive to the participation of members of all the levels of the career; preparation of doctrinal elements and/or the supply of technical data that is able to support specific thesis, in order to substantiate the members of the Federal Public Service whichever is the judicial instance they act on.

Considering that the scope operation of the Federal Public Service is wide encompassing numerous subjects in the legal field, the law authorizes the Chamber in order to prepare and to provide federal prosecutors technical and legal information.

Last, the 5th Chamber usually represents the Federal Public Service in international events relating to corruption combat promoted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Organization of the United Nations (UN) etc.

Units of Combat against Corruption

The Units of Combat against Corruption (NCCs) congregate the federal prosecutors which act on the cases of administrative misconduct in the entire Country investigating and proposing criminal and improbity lawsuits. Currently, there are 26 NCCs distributed in the 27 Federal units.


The Collegiate of the Anti-Corruption Chamber analyzes the archiving of the corruption crimes and administrative misconduct procedures. At this function the Chamber can confirm the archiving of the procedures promoted by the member of the Federal Prosecution Service or deny it, in which case the procedure returns to its origin to deepen the investigations.

It is also the Chamber's mission to analyze and to give approval of leniency agreements signed with Federal Prosecution Service.

In order to be able to perform its role, the 5th Chamber is composed of three regular members and three substitute members.

The administrative staff includes the executive secretary and three divisions of assistance (administrative, coordination and review assistances).

In December 2015, the 5th Chamber received the quality certification ISO 9001:2008 in three of its processes: events management, distributed procedures management and project management.

Awarded by the Vanzolini Foundation, the certification represents economy of time and resources, transparency, safety and quality in the work processes, and also the institutional reliability.

The 5th Chamber, performing its function, maintains the dialog with other monitoring public bodies, in special with the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU), the Office of the Comptroller General (CGU) and the Attorney General's Office (AGU), so that relevant information can be shared. Orientation, integration, support and articulation are, to the V Chamber, the key-words to define its job, that has always had as its goal the effective combat against corruption and against administrative improbity.


Phone nr: +55 61 3105-6070