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Legislação brasileira traduzida para o Inglês

Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil

Law n. 7.170/1983 (Excerpts - National Security)

Supplementary Law 75/1993 (Statute of Federal Public Prosecution Service)

Decree 2.799/1998 (Bylaws of the COAF)

Law n. 9.613/1998 (AML Law)

Supplementary Law 101 of 2000 (Brazil Fiscal Responsibility)

Supplementary Law 105/2001 (Confidentiality of transactions)

Law 12.527 (Freedom of Information Act)

Law n. 12.813 (Conflict of Interests)

Federal Law 12.830 (Police Investigation Act)

Law n. 12.846 (Civil and Administrative Liability of Legal Persons)

Law n. 12.850 (Organised Crime) - UK English

Law n. 12.965 (Civil Rights Framework for the Internet)

Law Project n.5681/2013 - Forfeit of property or good acquired by means of illegal activity

Legislative Decree Nº 385 of 26 December 1968

Consolidation of Labor Laws

Law n. 13.170/2015 - Inalienability of assets, rights or values

Law N° 11.343/2006 (National System for Public Policies on Drugs)

Law No. 9.605/1998 (Regulating Criminal and Administrative Penalties relating to behavior and activities harmf

Decree Law N° 25/1937 (Protection of the national historical and artistic heritage)

Law Nº 10.826/2003 (The Statute of Disarmament)

Law N° 3924/1961 (Archaeological and prehistoric monuments)

Law N° 4845/1965 (Trafficking in cultural property; Illegal import/export)

Law 9.296/1996 (Interception of telephone, informatics or telematics communications)

Law Nº 9.804/1999 (Amending Article 34 of Law 6.368 - establishing preventive custody)

Decree 3.755/2001 (Penalties against the Taliban)